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Here at Sydney MCS we specialise in the provision of aged care services for people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds (CALD). We recognise and value that people from CALD backgrounds have their own unique needs when it comes to in-home personal care.

What makes us different as a provider of Aged Care Services is the “CALD way of care”.

CALD way of care is our unique way to care for you or your loved one. There is no one solution fits all approach. We acknowledge that every person is different depending on their upbringing, family background, culture and languages spoken.

CALD way of care helps you to build on your strengths, your independence and your interests. It’s all about maintaining and improving your health whilst in the comfort of your own home. It enables you to get involved about the type of care and support you, or a family member, needs and make well informed choices.


CALD Way of Care


Experienced and culturally focused

Over 15 years of dedicated in-home care specifically targeted to your cultural and linguistic uniqueness. Because our Care Workers come from a CALD background themselves, they know exactly what is important when it comes to looking after you.

Flexible solutions

We offer Government subsidised and private programs, allowing you to pick and choose as your care needs change. Our Aged Care Services include Multicultural Home Care packages, Multilingual Home Care and Centre Based Day Care giving you access to clinical nursing, personal care, domestic assistance and social support.

Prompt care

We are committed to provide Care Workers within a reasonable time frame to ensure you are well looked after and taken care of. We focus on South East and Inner West Sydney region, but serve broader Sydney as well.

Specialist approach and range of services

We provide dedicated and passionate Care Workers with the relevant education and work experience in your language. Our services include clinical care, personal and domestic care and we pride ourselves in supporting people living with dementia.

Not for profit and specialist industry leader

Rosa Loria founded Sydney MCS with a passion to make a difference by providing people from CALD backgrounds the opportunity to keep living at home with specialist care. We are a 100% not for profit organisation, making a difference in your community.

Security of high quality service

Our delivery of care is continually monitored and improved and we are currently in the process of getting ISO certified.

Our CALD Aged Care Support Services

To keep you living comfortable and well in your own home you can pick and choose from the following services:


Personal Care

Domestic Care

Meal Preparation


Carer Support

Social Support

If you are not eligible for funding from a Home Care Package, these services can be purchased on a private basis.

Our aged care programs

There are a variety of packages through which we deliver the services outlined above. You can explore these here: