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What you must do under new coronavirus rules from 7 December 2020

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Mental Health

COVID-19 Symptoms and Testing

Aged Care Clients

New Arrival Clients

A free information booklet for people living in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Inner City area who are new to Australia, and their friends and family.

This Employment Resource Kit deals with essential information in finding employment in Australia, with services and centres specific to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

If you are a newly arrived migrant or refugee looking for housing or have just moved into a new place, this book is for you! Information is provided on steps to finding housing and housing and tenancy in NSW.

A free information booklet on local medical services and procedures for people living in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Inner City.

CVS-Volunteer Visitors

Provides an overview of the Community Visitors Scheme for potential Volunteers.

Template form used for all applications to the Volunteer Visitors role under the Community Visitors Scheme.

An overview by the Australian Government of Frequently Asked Questions of potential Volunteer Visitors about the Community Visitors Scheme.

Monthly reporting template used by Volunteer Visitors.

Useful Links

Sydney MCS works closely with other Migrant Resource Centres (MRC’s), Government Departments and Local Councils. Please find below a list of links to other institutions we work with and might be of help to you.

Migrant Resource Centers

Government Departments

Local Councils

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