Sydney Multicultural Community Services is a not for profit organisation. With more than 40 years of experience, we have helped Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities, including the aged, newly arrived migrants and refugees and those in crisis, suffering from language barriers, isolation, disability, poverty, disadvantage, and helplessness.

Sydney MCS was founded as a result of the recommendations of the Galbally report by then Federal Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Mr. Ian MacPhee. This led to a new framework for migrant settlement. Since its inception in 1981, Sydney MCS has supported thousands of new arrivals and migrants in settling in the region, and has been a key stakeholder of many community celebrations and activities. We are proud to celebrate 40 years of community service and we are grateful for everyone who made our organisation a success.


To help disadvantaged and marginalized migrants and refugees to be involved in and appreciated by Australian society while maintaining their cultural identity.


Sydney MCS is a not for profit organisation committed to the direct relief of suffering among people, who, because of barriers such as language, poverty, isolation and disability are not able to enjoy the advantages of this society.


  • Respect: Compassion and valuing diversity.
  • Inclusiveness and Social Equity: Respecting others views, culture, choice, freedom and social justice.
  • Integrity: Honesty and congruence between what we say and what we do.
  • Openness: Professionalism, transparency and the development of a learning culture.
  • Creativity and Compassion: Flexibility, adaptive to change and capacity for innovation in order to incorporate and represent Culturally and Linguistically diverse (CALD) specific needs.


Aged Care

• Multilingual Home Care Packages
• Multilingual Home Care
• Brokered Service


• Settlement Case Workers
• Interpreting Services
• Migration Assistance


• Ethnic-specific Group Activities
• Workshops
• Financial Assistance


• NDIS Application
• NDIS Plan Management
• Funding for Assistive Technology

Generalist Casework Support

• Support to migrants
• Improve their quality of life

Centre-Based Respite Care

• Respite care over 65
• North Sydney Region

Sydney MCS Archives

‘Our main focus of our Vision is to help disadvantaged and marginalised CALD people.’

The changing world of neoliberalism WHERE THE CLIENT need is been translated into profit and money making exercised for the private sector and for profit organisations, and our Taxes increasing the income of the shareholders while quality of services for the client are depleted.
Poor wages for staff, limited training and limited resources in the area of languages and cultural skill especially in the Aged Care industry where the baby boomers as well as the Migrants who arrived in the country in the 50 and 60 are getting older and in need of specialised services. We expect an increase in demand 100 fold and over in the next few years. To date we are seen a limited number of CALD, most do not know about the changes and how to apply for needing assistance. Policy favour the elderlies to be assisted at home and yet resources are limited, and waiting list becoming longer.

SMCS continuously strategise to cope with the market changes and to keep with the service quality standards. Our main focus of our Vision is to help disadvantaged and marginalised CALD people to complement existing services and partnerships with new opportunities. Looking at the future, the organisation is changing the way of the Board is constituted, establishing a skills based Board. New Program implemented this year is driven the organisation to a business model thus recruiting to skills and aligned to the strategic needs is becoming the norm. In reflection of the year passed I am humbled by the contribution made by the organisation, through its Board, Volunteers but most important its Staff. 

Our Clients are always at the Centre of all our Work. The number of clients have increased this year substantially. New programs implemented as well as the former programs has seen an increase across the board as well. Working with the community we have supported several community driven events, we have continued to work in partnership to deliver the range and breath of services that is SYDNEY MULTICULTURAL COMMUNITY SERVICES Inc. all to resound success in reach and impact. This year in undertaking the formulation of the Strategic Business plan we reaffirmed the value of our existing services but needing to grow and develop further the program and its profile to meet the growing changes in the market and the growing need of our community.

For certain area, we need to focus more into the future i.e. young people, employment pathway, etc. just to mention a few. Lack of funding prevent us to do more. We have updated our profile and promoting various aspects of our work, by employing a Marketing person.
SMCS also represented the communities views to Government in response to discussion paper related to Citizenship, Humanitarian program, and the inquire on Settlement. We continue to take the opportunity to present the communities view on policy and process that affect the community.

Rosa Loria
Chief Executive Officer

Originally established in 1981, Sydney MCS focuses on providing specialised support services for the direct relief of suffering and enhancing the quality of life of people from CALD communities, including the aged, newly arrived migrants and refugees and those in crisis, suffering from language barriers, isolation, frailty, disability, sickness, dislocation, poverty, disadvantage, destitution, misfortune and helplessness.
Sydney MCS’ main objectives are:

  • To encourage and facilitate development and empowerment among ethnic communities
  • To promote and facilitate participation and cooperation between ethnic communities
  • To develop and enhance greater understanding amongst funding bodies and local service providers of the needs of CALD communities and ethnic groups
  • To provide direct aid and support to CALD members of the community.

Sydney Multicultural Community Services (Sydney MCS) formerly Botany Migrant Resource Centre was established in 1981 as a not for profit organisation in order to provide settlement services to migrants and refugees, old and new within the Eastern Sydney region. In 1998 we were successful in receiving additional funding from the State and Commonwealth Government in order to provide Aged Care Services to CALD migrants and refugees, specifically to prevent the premature admission of seniors to residential care.

Botany Migrant Resource Centre was one of twelve Migrant Resource Centres in New South Wales, however this changed when our core funding was lost in January 2004. With the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs no longer providing core funding to our organisation, Botany Migrant Resource Centre has become Sydney Multicultural Community Services, encompassing a new direction and focus.
As of the 1st July 2015, Sydney MCS is operating as part of the 22 member consortium NSW Settlement Program (NSP) led by Settlement Services International (SSI) in delivering settlement services to newly arrived migrants, humanitarian entrants and refugees.

Sydney MCS has also established itself as a Government approved provider of 75 Home Care packages throughout Eastern Sydney and the Inner West. All our packages are delivered on a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) approach.

Sydney MCS aims to work in partnership with other organisations and the wider community to provide a diverse range of assistance and care services to people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

The Centre has a highly committed staff who work together as a team to support the needs of our clients.

The team comprises managers, counsellors, migration agents, social workers, Registered Nurses (RN), Diversional Therapist, Mental Health Workers, office administrators and welfare professionals, experienced in social welfare and community work.

staff are bi-lingual representing a cross-section of the many ethnic communities in the area.

Our commitment and professionalism enhances the service we provide.

Rosa Loria

Public Officer

Antonietta Natoli


Alberto Solfrini

Vice Chairperson

Rene Marcos Molina


Josep Rustam


Russel Craig Byrnes


Chinatsu’s Story

My name is Chinatsu and I come from Tokyo, Japan. I came to Australia in 2015. I studied English in Japan during high school and college, so I thought I could understand English well. However, when I came to Australia, I was stunned that I could not understand speak English well at all. In 2017, I started to study English in the AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program) at TAFE.

I was able to learn not only general English but also about Australian life and culture. I also made many friends who also came from other countries. I believe it was a good experience for me. 

After completing my certificate, I started a Business Administration course as part of the SLPET (Settlement Language Pathways to Employment and Training) program, to help me look for a job. In this course, I learn formal business English, how to write a CV (Curriculum Vitae), how to answer job interview questions and I did a work experience placement at SMCS (Sydney Multicultural Community Services). It was very helpful for me to understand about work in Australia.

I was interested in doing volunteer work so I began work as a volunteer at SMCS in May 2018. I worked as a receptionist assistant, providing support to the receptionist there. I took telephone call enquiries from clients and greeted people at the front desk. Other duties included updating information, filing client’s records for other departments and keeping all public areas tidy. In doing this voluntary work, I was learning and developing my understanding of Australian workplace practices. I received the Kingsford Smith Community Service Award for dedicated service to their community and for my outstanding volunteer work at SMCS. Working as a volunteer gave me the relevant experience to get a job in Australia.

A paid position as a part-time Receptionist became available at SMCS and I was the successful applicant. Now I work as a full-time Receptionist myself, not as an assistant.

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