Book Talk 22.03.2024

Book Talk "multicultural arc- making multicultural australia: past, present and future" dr andrew Jakubowicz in conversation with Craig foster am in collaboration with randwick city council on 22.03.2024

In early 2023, our CEO Rosa Loria and SMCS commissioned Dr Andrew Jakubowicz to write “Multicultural Arc” and the book was published in late 2023 by SMCS. It is the first time we organized the book talk. We are honored to have Craig Foster AM joining us in the event.

Andrew and Craig come from very different backgrounds but together their difference enriches the discussion. They talked about 50 years of policy, language, barriers and challenges and the way forward to an Australia of genuine inclusion, belonging and equality. It was such an inspiring conversation that we received great feedback from the community. While we celebrating the Harmony Day each year, shall we encourage more conversation in the community, to speak the truth and more open discussion.
We presented a soccer ball adorned with the signatures of SMCS staff to Craig. This ball symbolizes the unity and teamwork that drives our mission forward. We share the same goal! A pair of shoes was presented to Andrew representing our shared journey towards a more inclusive and equitable society. Just as we walk together in this journey, we are honoured to have them alongside us, championing the values of diversity and compassion.
If you would like to purchase the book “Multicultural Arc”, please visit our website
Thank you!

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