Winter is here, and we should all get ready and prepare for fire accidents!

The staff of Sydney MCS, members of the Maltese and Chinese social support groups would like to thank senior firefighter Shawn Addison and David Weir Diversity Officer from fire and rescue NSW for the fire and safety presentation, as well as the Mascot Fire station crew for the fire truck demonstration. It was a highly informative session. It helped the attendees better understand how they should prepare for the unexpected and what they should do to prevent fire accidents from occurring in their homes. Also, our clients were impressed with the Safety Visit, which will assist them in reducing the risk of an accidental fire in their home and in escaping in the event of a fire.

Everyone can benefit from a Safety Visit; however, some people in our communities are statistically at a higher risk of an incident occurring, including:

– Those who are over 65 years old

-Those who live alone

-People with limited mobility, as well as those with hearing and vision impairments

-Residents who are supported by carers, family members or friends

-And anyone for whom English is a second language.

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