Happy International Women’s Day +New Staff Alert!

As we all celebrate International Women’s Day, we are reminded of our obligation towards creating an unbiased world for women all around the world. Let’s all #BreakTheBias and empower women in workplace, marketplace, home and community. We demand gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.
On this special day, Sydney MCS would like to welcome our new Community Development Officer, Cassandra Marr 🥰
Cassandra holds a Bachelor of Political, Economic, and Social Science from Sydney University and has just completed a Master of Intercultural Conflict Management at Alice Salomon Hochschule in Berlin. Cassandra’s heritage is Australian / South African, and she has pursued her interest in culture and diversity by spending a lot of time travelling, working, and studying abroad. She is motivated to support and advocate for the local migrant community as the leader of Sydney MCS’ SETS program. Welcome Cass to the family 👋
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