NDIS Support Coordination (Case Management) involves assistance to strengthen the participant’s abilities to coordinate supports & participate in the community. This includes:

  • Resolving points of crisis
  • Developing capacity and resilience in a participant’s network
  • Coordinating supports from a range of sources

If you have Support Coordination in your NDIS plan, SMCS will assist you to get the most out of your NDIS Plan in achieving your goals fully.

Sydney MCS NDIS Support Coordination will provide you with:

  • Professional and experienced staff who have extensive knowledge of local support services and understand the needs of people with a disability.
  • A neutral and a non- biased expert who you can ‘trust’ completely to negotiate and choose the best services available to meet your needs and build your confidence and independence.

Our Services

NDIS Support Coordination can help you with the following tasks but not limited to:

  • Support to understand what NDIS – scheme, plan and the journey means to you
  • Support to ensure your NDIS Plans covers all the reasonable and necessary supports throughout the life of your plan.
  • Support to identify and coordinate the services to best meet your individual needs and developing service agreements.
  • Support to liaise with government agencies involving NDIS
  • Support to understand the NDIS portal – My Place as well as in monitoring funds and assisting in service bookings including obtaining quotes for services.
  • Support to review your NDIS plan
  • Support to develop your capacity to engage with mainstream supports such as into employment
  • Support to resolve and manage crisis like situations


Costs for NDIS Support Coordination are covered in your NDIS Plans and our charges are in accordance with the NDIS NSW Price guide. Our NDIS staff will assist you with a customised quote for your care and support needs.

Access NDIS Support Coordination

Check if NDIS Support Coordination is budgeted in your NDIS plan

Based on your needs, NDIS plan is developed and Support Coordination ‘May’ OR ‘May be not’ be budgeted in your NDIS plan since Support Coordination is funded separately, in addition to your other services in your NDIS plan.

If not – request access to NDIS Support Coordination

If not – Then you may choose to contact NDIS and request to have ‘Support Coordination’ included in your NDIS plan.

If yes – contact SMCS

If yes- Then contact us on 02 96633922 to speak to our NDIS staff to receive support coordination and to put your NDIS plan into action.

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